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L-track – The more massage coverage with the massage rollers, the more healing, the more relaxation. The Qi XE Pro massage ​chair uses a 54-inch-long massage roller track that follows the natural shape of the spine. The L shaped track allows for massage starting at the back of the head, neck, and shoulders, traveling down the spine contouring underneath the glues to target and release these important muscle groups.
Adjustable Leg Extension – The automatic leg extension will accommodate everyone in the house with 11 inches of length adjustment. The stop sensor feels the bottom of your foot and stops for the perfect leg position.
USB-C Charging Port – Now you can recharge your phone, while recharging your body. The Qi XE Pro has a USB-C charging port located on the left-hand side of the chair, next to the wired remote control.
Advanced Reflexology – The Qi XE Pro has tri-action foot rollers that use two levels of shiatsu foot rolling combined with immersive air pressure massage to create deep tissue foot massage

Warranty: 1 year in-home service & 2 years parts

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